Hi, my name is Margot Rodriguez & welcome to my epicurean journey. I absolutely love everything that has to do with eating delectable dishes & creating home cooked meals for my husband, family & friends.

Ever since I can remember I always overly enjoyed talking about food. How to prepare a dish, tricks to make a recipe better, Google the menu before I went to a restaurant, talk about an amazing meal I ate & surprisingly enough people seemed to listen. I started to get texts from friends & family on recipe ideas & recommendations for places to eat. I realized that not only do I want to share my passion for food with everyone around me, I want the world to know. So, in 2016 I started my Instagram food blog & I haven’t looked back! I adore this Foodie world & as Julia Child would say “People who love to eat are always the best people”. No words have ever been more true.

So, I invite you to stay a while & join me on my journey as I cook & eat my way through Dallas, Texas & the world. Who knows, you might find something to help start you on your own journey 🙂